Our Approach

The City partnership model is unique

When you partner with City, we become part of your business, rather than just an extension of it. Through our 100% transparency model, we offer a new way of doing business that delivers long-term cost savings and benefits.

Our approach rests on five core pillars that make up the City way of doing business.

We foster a culture of collaboration and open dialogue, and take the time to understand your brand, your priorities and your goals. City also has the global reach and innovative expertise to drive better outcomes for your business.

City’s Core Pillars

Genuine Partnerships

Working with you to achieve your goals

A real partnership takes time and investment. At City, we focus on building authentic partnerships that provide long-term benefits for your business. We actively listen and, when needed, partake in courageous conversations with you. Through a collaborative approach, we develop lasting and tailored solutions powered by quality team members, systems and products, that align with your business strategy, setting us both up for success.

A New Way of Doing Business

We are equally invested in your business

Our fully transparent partnership model embraces a distinctly different approach to facilities management grounded in trust. We offer 100% transparency on the budget, which means if we overspend, it comes out of our pocket. But it also means a serious commitment to savings – if we under spend, all the savings go to you. This gives us the framework for open and honest dialogues with you, keeping us accountable every step of the way.

We Lead the Way

We drive innovative solutions

Our in-house team of technical experts is driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, constantly seeking the next breakthrough discovery. Whether this is delivering a pioneering IT application to reduce labour or designing a new robust energy management platform, we have the right mix of expertise to build and operate innovative solutions for your business.

A Truly Dedicated Team

We handpick tailored teams to support your every need

We remove the sub-contracting layers rife in facilities management. Our belief is that our people, our systems and our success become your people, your systems and your success. With a focus on self-delivery, City creates bespoke teams in every state and territory for our partners to ensure integrated, affordable and comprehensive support that delivers lasting solutions.

Much More Than Maintenance

We go beyond traditional facilities management

Our team consists of specialists across everything from maintenance and engineering, end-to-end energy and waste management, risk and security management, fit out works, technical procurement and support, to cleaning and ancillary services across a broad range of assets and sectors. City’s technical services are supported by a 24/7 customer contact centre, and financial and asset management advisors. We know that no business is the same, and we pride ourselves on building multi-skilled integrated teams for our partners.