Building maintenance and management

High-achieving workspaces are productive, efficient, and safe.

Our integrated building maintenance and management services bring together the people, places, and processes required to maintain operations, drive efficiencies, and reduce costs, so you can focus on what you do best.

We create a centralised facilities management team within a dedicated end-to-end self-delivery model.

Our technicians and specialist trade professionals are leaders in HVAC and refrigeration, electrical, plumbing, and building maintenance.

City’s point of difference is our self-delivery partnership model, in which technicians and specialist trades are dedicated to your business. This fosters a culture of ownership and going the extra mile because our people become your people.

Trades and maintenance

Whether the job is big or small, planned or an emergency, it needs to be completed safely, quickly, and to the highest standard.

Our tradespeople and technicians include:

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  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Hydraulics
  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Building works/handyman
  • Fire and essential services
  • Security systems

We’re ready to fix it, move it, paint it, install it, or remove it, so your business can operate safely and efficiently.

Remote building monitoring and optimisation

Systems such as Building Management Systems (BMS) connect systems and devices that operate within a building, such as the lighting and HVAC systems.

Our centralised remote monitoring of these systems allows for control, management, and optimisation of equipment cycles with algorithms focused on building performance and energy efficiency.


Making the right impression every time matters. Our cleaning teams offer a process tailored to your operations, and an above-and-beyond investment into how your brand is experienced on-site.

With a data-driven systemised approach, industry-leading focus on safety and best practice, and an Australia-wide presence including regional and remote areas – we’re there for you. We are a trusted partner because we treat your business as our business.


Effective waste management and recycling require a strategic, sustainable approach tailored to your organisation.

We help identify the true cost of waste to your business and identify opportunities to save money, improve environmental outcomes, and meet your waste and recycling targets.


No business is safe from a potential pest infestation, and the disruption and reputational risks from such an event.

We actively manage, control, and prevent insects, rodents, and other unwanted pests including snakes. With a 24/7 contact centre and round-the-clock response, we can resolve urgent pest issues promptly and safely.

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Our ongoing pest management strategies are implemented with our partners to actively prevent infestations and ensure your business operation is not interrupted.


Effectively maintaining clean and fresh washrooms and sanitary facilities is vital to create the right impression and protect your staff and customers’ health and wellbeing.

We take a comprehensive approach to create an optimised hygiene experience while meeting your business’s sustainability, environmental, and financial objectives.

Project management

Whether a project is large or small, having the right team deliver it on time and within budget is essential. Our dedicated partner teams include experienced project managers to oversee every stage of the works from conception and design through to commissioning and completion.

Landlord and third-party recoveries

Landlord and third-party recoveries include all the activities and oversight to ensure lease obligations concerning maintenance and replacement are met. Further, if a third party has caused costs or damage to your building, we will actively pursue costs on your behalf.

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Understanding the rights and obligations of both the tenant and landlord and ensuring proper maintenance schedules and records are maintained can lead to significant cost savings and minimise downtime.

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