Charity & Community

We come together to raise money, lend a hand, and get involved, because when we help others, we all enjoy the benefit.

Making a difference is easier when we join forces. Whether it’s a sandwich making event for hungry students, charity walks, or a commitment to forego alcohol to raise funds for vital charities, we’re ready to make a positive change together.

Our goal is to increase our community impact by aligning our trade skills and values and charitable causes and initiatives.


We aim to drive positive change by supporting a variety of organisations aligned to:

Community Welfare & Social Housing

Children & Youth Support

Sustainability & the Environment

Health & Wellbeing

Community welfare and social housing

Because access to the basics is sadly not a given, we work with charities such as Habitat for Humanity and Eat Up Australia to work towards ending hunger and ensuring everyone has a safe place to live.

Sustainability and the environment

Our planet is our home and the legacy we leave to future generations. We support initiatives to preserve the integrity of natural environments and strive to be mindful of our impact on the environment every day. We believe that we should leave the world a little better than how found it.

Children and youth support

Giving our young people every opportunity for a bright and healthy future means a lot to us.

We support the Good Friday Appeal each year to raise much needed funds for the Royal Children’s hospital. City also supports the Monash Children’s Hospital via the Hospital Walk fundraiser.

Health and wellbeing

We support a range of organisations which give hope, provide practical assistance, fund research, and raise funds to support people suffering with physical and mental health challenges.

This includes taking part in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, Dry July, febfit and febfast, Men’s Heath Week, and Movember. The month of October at City is dedicating to improving mental health awareness.

Whether through monetary donations or the trade skills of our people, City aims to make life a lighter brighter and the world a little better for those in need.

Just some of the worthy causes and initiatives we support include: