Asset management and maintenance planning

We empower you to make the best decisions for your business and your bottom line

Developing planned preventative maintenance tasks and schedules in accordance with statutory guidelines and maintenance best practices.

A comprehensive approach to smarter asset management.

Avoid asset failure, disruptions, and business downtime with a comprehensive planned maintenance schedule. We include both statutory obligations and best practice activities to optimise performance and maximise the longevity of assets and infrastructure.

Our reactive maintenance approach is KPI driven to give you complete transparency and accountability and ensure you get back to business as efficiently and safely as possible.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Our goal is to optimise assets, by ensuring reliability, performance, compliance, and sustainability. This helps drive maximum value and ensure asset performance is maintained and is fit for purpose.

We take a whole-life view of equipment, infrastructure, and other assets to create an optimised plan to maintain and repair items. This allows for deriving the maximum strategic benefit from each item, before retiring the asset at the end of its usable life.

Technical Centre

Our Technical Centre collaborates with you to ensure efficiency in approach and mitigation across stock loss scenarios.

Monitored refrigeration alarms are customised around distinct benchmarks to effectively manage food safety and where possible reduce wastage.

We also provide tailored triage technical services and support for heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, and other essential services.

Technical procurement

With a winning combination of specialist global and local knowledge, we’ll deliver the right equipment, for the right application, at the best possible price.

We have the skills and experience to manage your entire technical procurement and supply chain process, with proven expertise in purchase planning, supplier research and selection, financing, and price negotiation.


We provide a full suite of engineering services for the entire asset lifecycle, from audit, design, and implementation, through to operation and to end-of-life asset renewal. Our engineering design approach is underpinned by your current and future corporate sustainability commitments.

Using maintenance cost in use and asset performance data from the wider City business, our engineering team is empowered to deliver continual improvement and innovation. This results in smarter and better-engineered solutions that return tangible benefits to your bottom line.

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