Contact Centre

24/7/365 support, responding to more than one million requests per year

Our Contact Centre proactively resolves facilities maintenance issues, monitors alarms, and helps manage critical incidents.

Our team is your team, ready and empowered to support your business.

With a bespoke approach to tailor the customer experience to your business and brand, we provide 24/7 support across end-to-end job management.

Our team consistently deliver the highest levels of personalised and specialist service and is empowered to resolve any concerns proactively and efficiently.

We use multiple contact channels, including phone, digital platforms, and email to always be accessible to your team and customers.

Contact Centre

City’s Contact Centre is here to minimise downtime and reduce disruption to your operations. We are there for your team every day of the year, at any time of the day.

We manage reactive maintenance and facilities services, including engineering, building, mechanical, trades, HVAC, pest control, and repairs.

Our dedicated Contact Centre team provides experienced support end-to-end job management and oversight of ongoing maintenance requests.

Critical Incident Support

We’re always ready to respond to unexpected events that can happen from time to time, including safety incidents, disruption to trade, criminal activity, and major incidents.

Responses to different categories of incidents are pre-populated and Q&As tailored to your specific event are auto generated. This provides transparency, and clear, useable information in a timely manner.

Our Critical Incident Desk sends notifications and updates to your pre-determined stakeholders every 45 minutes until the situation is resolved.

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