At City FM Australia, we embrace a distinctly different approach to facilities management. Gone are the traditional, short-term client-contractor relationships, replaced instead by genuine lasting partnerships based on collaboration, transparency and trust. We deliver long-term tailored solutions, powered by expert team members, cutting-edge systems and innovative products that align with your business strategy and fit perfectly with your unique requirements.

In addition, we offer complete budget transparency, which means if we overspend, it comes out of our pocket. But it also means a serious commitment to savings – if we underspend, all the savings go to you. Through this commercial model we offer a new way of doing business that comes with a financial guarantee.

Our end-to-end facilities management services provide custom-made solutions to our partners right across Australia. We have the proven expertise to manage your unique and evolving requirements, whether you need reactive or planned preventative maintenance, bespoke construction projects from fit-out and refurbishments to new-builds and extensions, cleaning or waste management, or wish to leverage off our professional and technical capabilities.

Regardless of the scope of services you require, our collaborative and transparent approach will ensure a custom-made solution delivered by our own team of specialists, with no compromises on safety, quality or value.