Facilities optimisation

Uncover your potential to create a powerful advantage.

Effective facilities management is about more than getting through the day-to-day, it’s about using information to transform your business.

We turn complexity into actionable improvements.

Using rich data and sophisticated analytics we turn mountains of data into insights and identify opportunities to reduce costs, save time, and improve the customer experience. Information is power, but only when it is delivered in an easy-to-understand and usable format.

We turn complexity into clarity, and data into decisions.

Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Using first principles thinking and sophisticated data analysis, our Advanced Analytics team can help transform the way you manage and maintain your bricks and mortar assets, and equipment.

We use sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms to find opportunities to reduce overheads and minimise disruptions, save money on labour and parts, and optimise uptime and value.

Energy and sustainability

Our energy and sustainability services include utility management, bill management, forecasting and budgeting, energy benchmarking, usage monitoring, and environmental emissions reporting.

We use, Spark+, our energy management platform to identify, explain, and rectify excessive consumption so we can deliver sustainable energy management and targeted energy cost reductions for your business.

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