City celebrates international women’s day

Every year the 8th of March marks International Women’s Day. This is an important occasion for us to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of the women in our lives, and all women around the world. It’s also important to acknowledge that inequality, discrimination, and negative biases against women continue to hold us all back as a society.

City was founded by Willie and Susan Haughey. Susan has been an owner and director of City for nearly 40 years, and was instrumental in the establishment, growth, and success of the company. She was initially responsible for running the accounting and administration side of the business and setting up the first call centre. Her talent, hard-work and dedication was critical to the success and trajectory of City today.

Many talented women follow in Susan’s footsteps within our business today, driving and supporting our growth and success, and forging our evolving identity as a company on a global scale.

We also acknowledge we have a way to go to #EmbraceEquity. This includes better supporting our female team members and challenging pervasive negative stereotypes. Because when we elevate women, we elevate all of us, and when women win, we all win.

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