EAT UP: Helping to feed hungry children across Australia.

City is proud to support Eat Up Australia, an organisation that provides free school lunches to hungry students across the country.

Across the country it is not uncommon for children to frequently arrive at school without the food they need to fuel their growing bodies and brains. Missing out on lunch has a big impact on children, with hunger causing fatigue and poor concentration. It also means teachers struggling with disruptions, and a lot of stress and worry for parents.

Eat Up is Australia’s only organisation providing free school lunches on a national scale. Every week thousands of fresh sandwiches and donated snacks are delivered directly to schools for kids who would otherwise go hungry. Throughout the year, groups of City volunteers worked together to make over 1,000 sandwiches in possibly record time!

A big thank you to our team members who came together to support this cause.  If you’d like to learn more about Eat Up and see how the process works, visit out more about our charity work.

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