Partner collaboration and data analytics are key to cleaning success

In the last 12 months City’s cleaning business has witnessed significant growth, expanding our reach nationwide and building a dedicated team of more than 800 people who provide tailored, self-delivered cleaning solutions at partner sites across the country.

Prioritising collaboration and working hand-in-hand with our partners to create smarter cleaning strategies has been integral to our growth. Our in-house processes, measurement metrics, and technologies deliver meaningful insights and optimisation opportunities for our partners, driving efficiencies and consistency across City’s cleaning portfolio, and fuelling further growth.

Dennis Porcellato, General Manager of Cleaning Operations at City, said, “The growth of our cleaning business is testament to the tremendous efforts and achievements of both City and our partners, and a tribute to all the hard work and dedication towards making our partnership model a success in a tough operating environment.”

City’s partnership approach provides the systems and reporting to drive consistency, quality, and value for large multi-site organisations. Working collaboratively to understand the unique needs and challenges of each partner is critical so we can provide effective, customised solutions and pave the way for continual improvement.

Greg Cave, Regional Director of Business Development and Group Strategy at City, said, “The market is looking for a transparent, data-driven approach. Working side by side with our partners and taking on the responsibility to get things done – and get them done right. That’s always been the City way.”

As our cleaning arm continues to grow, we remain committed to providing the best possible cleaning experience for our partners by prioritising adaptability, technology, and collaboration.

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